Daily routine timeline

Go To Sleep

It is my sleeping time, sometime i play games on phone or watch tv so sleeping time in between 9 to 10.

Have Dinner

I started to make dinner at around 7:45 pm, then in next hour take dinner and watch tv for some time.

Get Home

After office, it takes 45 minutes to reach at home because of some traffic in evening time.

Have Launch

We have 45 minutes launch time at work, we take launch and have some walk in nearby garden.

At Work / Office

I take a bus at 9 for my office, it takes 30 minutes to reach the office. I work for 8 hours.

Breakfast & Get Ready

  • I have a cup of coffee and make breakfast.
  • I usually watch tv while I have breakfast.
  • Then I get ready for office.

Wake Up

  • I wake up at 6:45 am every day.
  • I turn off the alarm and go back to bed.
  • Usually, I sleep 15 minutes and get up.