Products Features Page Design Idea - Cool Timeline Pro Demo

Represent your product features in a best timeline layout design. Create features page using Cool Timeline Pro WordPress plugin.

Vertical Layout

Default Design (Dark Skin)

Basic Features

Shortcode GeneratorAdd Shortcode Easily

Quick Shortcode Generator

Easily add timeline on any page using simple short-code generator tool.

Any Device CompatibleMobile Responsive

Responsive Timeline

Full responsive and compatible with all devices.

Timeline CategoriesMultiple Timelines

Multiple Timeline Categories

Manage Multiple timelines via categories.

Custom IconsIcons In Timeline

FontAwesome / Custom – Image Icon

Use custom image or fontaesome icons inside timeline.
Setting PanelColors & Fonts

Easy Setting Panel For Timeline

Easily manage colors,fonts,design elements, custom css & other timeline elements.

Shortcode (Above timeline uses this shortcode) :-
					[cool-timeline layout="default" designs="default" skin="dark" category="basic-features" show-posts="14" order="ASC" icons="YES" animations="zoom-in-left" date-format="default" story-content="full" based="custom" compact-ele-pos="main-date" pagination="default" filters="yes"]

One Side Layout

Elegant Design (Dark Skin)

Advance Features

Custom Color Option

Custom Color Option

You can selet custim colors for every single story inside your timeline.

ASC / DESCAdjust Stories Order

Adjust Stories Order ASC / DESC

You can show your timeline in any order based date or custom order(ASC/DESC).

Posts TimelineAny Post Type Timeline

Blog Posts Timeline

Convert your blog posts or custom post-type into a beautiful timeline.

BC / AD TimelineAny Historical Date

Any Historical Date Timeline

You can select any date for your timeline stories. From year 0 or(BC/AD).

Custom TextCustom Text Instead Of Date

Show Custom Text Inside Timeline

Show custom text/label instead of years in timeline & create custom order timeline.

Video / Images / SlideAdd Anything In Timeline

Video / Images / Slide Show In Timeline

Add anything inside story-Video, Slide-show or image.

Shortcode (Above timeline uses this shortcode) :-
					[cool-timeline layout="one-side" designs="design-4" skin="dark" category="advance-features" show-posts="10" order="ASC" icons="YES" animations="scale" date-format="default" story-content="full" based="custom" compact-ele-pos="main-date" pagination="default" filters="yes"]