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One Sided Timeline:-

Initial Talks & Research

Initial Talks And Market Research

Initial Talks: From the starting in our work process, we gather the requirements and talk to the clients to know that what their goals are.
Market Research: after predefined goals, we explore the market for the particular project that how we can compete in the market and what is the market for that product.

Design Review & Content Writing

Design: In this phase, our designers create PSD layouts of web pages.
Content Writing: We create original and good quality content that will help website to let attract and engage customers regularly.

Design & Content
Development &

Web Development & Quality Assurance

Web Development: Now, it’s time for front end development to start and produce template for all the web pages.
CMS Setup: We let set up content management system with that you can use to manage your website or blog from an online interface.

Website Optimization & Maintenance

Website Optimization: We optimize website to improves ranking, page speed and ROI.
Launch: Finally after all the phases, we launch website with securable atmosphere.

Marketing & Maintenance

14 July, 2016

Cool Timeline Pro Launched

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Amazon Founded

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March 8, 2019
March 10, 2019

Acquires IMDB

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Birth Of Ramses Ii

Ramesses II was the third Egyptian pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty. He lived from the 1300s BC to 1213 BC and was pharaoh from 1279 BC to 1213 BC.

1302 BC – 1213 BCRamses ii (Ramesses the Great)