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General Settings

Title Settings :-

You can Change Title color, Background color, Typography in this Settings

global title setting timeline builder

Description Settings:-

In This Settings You can Change Description Text color, Description Background color, Description Typography .

description setting timeline builder

Mid-line Label Settings:-

You can Change Mid Line Label Text color, Mid Line Label Background color, Mid Line Label Text Typography .

Main Label:-

You can Change Main Label Text color, Main Label Typography Settings in this Section

main label setting timeline builder


You can Change the Sub Label Text color, and Sub Label Typography Settings in this Section.

Label’s Background Color:-

In this setting you can change main label and sub label background colors.

Timeline Midline Color:-

In this Setting you can change mid line color of your choice

midline color setting timeline builder

Space between each timeline item:-

In this setting, you can adjust each Story gap according to your requirements.

Icon Color Settings:-

In this setting, you can change the icon color and icon background color