Timeline is the best way to showcase your story or company history in precise and elegant way using powerful and advance Timeline Widget Addon for Elementor plugin.

In this post, you will see how I can display content in a beautiful vertical and horizontal timeline with various styling options and animations using Timeline Widget Addon for the Elementor plugin.

Where I can use this plugin?

1) You can Represent Company History.

2) Showcase tutorial/process steps in a timeline format.

3) Job stories/achievements timeline.

4) You can represent your work experience in a timeline format.

5) Also you Can use this plugin to create a personal story timeline.

How to Create a timeline using timeline widget addon elementor plugin?

It is an Elementor Page Builder Addon. In order to use this elementor addon you must have to install and activate both Elementor Page Builder and timeline widget addon for elementor plugin.

Go to the Dashoboard >> Click Pages >> Add New >> click “Edit with Elementor” button.

Step1:- After Click “Edit with Elementor” button Search Story Timeline and for more details check below-attached screenshot.

Step 2) Add a timeline story:- This Section is actually more about adding and modifying the content (text, images etc) for timeline story. It also allows adding different media type like image, video and/or image slideshow.

Step 3) Advanced Settings:-In advanced settings you can add highlighted year label, icons and also styling the specific story in your timeline.

Step 4) Layout Settings:-

These are the very first settings you’ll find while creating the timeline. There are 4 Different layouts available with 4 Different designs to create a timeline of your choice. The currently available layouts are Both Sided, One-Sided, Compact, and Horizontal.

Let’s have a look on all three layout’s one by one.

Both Sided Layout:- This layout displays the timeline stories on both side of the vertical line.

One-sided layout:- In this layout all the stories are available on the right side of the vertical line.

Horizontal Layout:- In horizontal layout timeline are displays in the format of horizontal timeline.

Compact Layout:-

Step 5) Color and Typography Settings:- In this settings you can style your whole timeline.


It is really important to let your audience know about the history of your brand especially when you are promoting it through a website. Our plugin will help you to highlight events and stories precise way.

You can show history/future stories, events, appointments and many other cool things using Timeline Widgets plugin.