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Product Roadmap Timeline Demo Check how you can represent your product roadmap in a timeline design style.

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ICO Roadmap in Timeline Classic Style

ICO Roadmap

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Royal Enfield in Timeline Elegant Style

Royal Enfield

April 11 1901
The first Royal Enfield motorcycle is produced. Designed by R. W. Smith and Frenchman Jules Gotiet, it has a 1 1/2 hp Minerva engine mounted in front of the steering head. The final drive is at the rear wheel by means of a long rawhide belt.
April 11 1898
R. W. Smith designs a prototype motorised vehicle, a four wheel bicycle known as a quadricycle. It uses a proprietary 1 1/2 hp De Dion engine.
April 11 1893
Enfield Manufacturing Ltd. becomes Royal Enfield – ‘Royal’ being taken from the Royal Small Arms Company. The trademark ‘Made like a gun’ is introduced.
April 11 1891
R.W. Smith and Albert Eadie take over the Townsend Cycle Company in Redditch, UK. Soon after, they start supplying precision machine parts to the Royal Enfield Small Arms Factory in Enfield, Middlesex. Their undertaking is renamed the Enfield Manufacturing Company Limited.

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