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Q. Where can I use Cool Timeline plugin?

Use Cool Timeline in many different situations...

Represent your company history in timeline layout.
Create a timeline of your work experience or life story.
Use timeline layout to show a software process steps.
Timeline layout is best to show your product roadmap.
Travel websites can show holiday itinerary in timeline.
No limit of dates, you can also create AD/ BC timeline.

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Multiple layouts & designs - vertical, horizontal or compact timeline.

timeline-multiple layouts

Create Step by step process by custom text instead of date/year.

Create multiple timelines & use category filters.


Add image, video, slide-show & select custom color for a story.

Quick scrolling year navigation & ajax load more for big timelines.

Use shortcode generator or Gutenberg timeline block.

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Compare Free v/s Pro

Features Free Pro
Vertical Layout 5 Designs
5+ Designs
Horizontal Layout 1 Design 15+ Designs
Timeline Settings Basic Settings Advance Settings
Animation Effects
1 Animation 15+ Animations
Ajax Load More
Story Custom Color
Post Timeline
Timeline Categories
Filters in Timeline
Video / Slide-show
Custom Labels / Text
(Step-by-step timeline)
Any Timeline Year
Custom image icons
Quick Year Navigation

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Frequently asked questions...

Absolutely! Cool Timeline Pro is the perfect solution for creating large timelines. You can easily publish over 100 stories and display them in a timeline layout on any page using a shortcode.

Additionally, you have the option to add Ajax load-more or pagination features to your timeline for better navigation. To quickly explore a large timeline, you can use the quick scrolling year navigator.

Yes, we offer a lifetime license for Cool Timeline Pro. Pay once and enjoy lifetime plugin updates and premium support. Please check our pricing plans to get a lifetime license.

While Cool Timeline Pro can be used inside Elementor pages via a shortcode widget, we recommend trying our dedicated timeline plugin designed for Elementor users.

Timeline Widget Pro Addon For Elementor provides advanced timeline design options and a drag-and-drop timeline widget specifically for Elementor.

Yes, you can create a timeline using pre-published blog posts. Simply use a simple shortcode to display the timeline on any page.

Additionally, you can create a timeline using titles and descriptions from any post type.

Absolutely! You can showcase various media formats within your timeline story. You can include a featured image, embed YouTube videos, or even create a slideshow of images to enhance your timeline’s content.

Yes, you have full control over the colors in your timeline. While publishing a story, you can choose a custom color that will override the default color settings of the timeline.

This allows you to create a multi-color timeline design, giving each story its own unique visual representation.

Yes, you have the flexibility to display custom text instead of dates or years in your timeline. This feature is particularly useful if you want to create step-by-step or process-based timeline designs.

You can easily replace date information with custom text such as “Step 1,” “Step 2,” and so on. Additionally, you can manually order these custom text items within your timeline.

  • Cool Timeline Pro is the ideal choice for creating large timelines with advanced design features. With Cool Timeline Pro, you publish your timeline stories one-by-one, similar to publishing blog posts, and then add a shortcode to create a timeline on your desired page.
  • On the other hand, Timeline Builder Pro is a smaller plugin designed for quickly creating timelines with a maximum of 10-12 stories. Instead of publishing stories individually, you can add them all within a single post. Timeline Builder Pro provides a shortcode that you can use to display the timeline on any page or post.