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Create Vertical Timeline

There are many ways to create a timeline using cool plugins, you can easily Integrate Story Timeline using the below-mentioned methods:

  • Using shortcodes: 
  1. Just Copy Shortcode from the Demo website and Paste it to your Page or Post.
  2. You can also generate shortcodes using Shortcodes Generator.
  • Using Gutenberg Timeline Story Block:
  • Using Visual Composer Timeline Stories Addon.
  • You can use Elementor addons to add a story timeline.

You can easily Create Vertical Timeline Using Below mentioned Methods With Gutenberg

  • To create a vertical time line Goto Pages/Post >> Add new page/Post >> Choose story timeline shortcode.
  • From the timeline setting on the right menu bar select the layout for the timeline.
  • There are multiple layout options to create a vertical layout choose the “Vertical” option.
Add Timeline In Gutenberg
With Default Classic Editor

In the default editor, click on “Add Timeline Shortcode” button and chooses a vertical timeline.
See the below image for a better understanding.

Classic Shortcode Generator
Using Shortcode
					[cool-timeline layout="default" designs="default" skin="default" category="history" show-posts="10" order="DESC" icons="NO" animations="bounceInUp" date-format="default" story-content="short" based="default" compact-ele-pos="main-date" pagination="default" filters="no"]
Shortcode Attribute/Settings Default Value Available Options Description
Timeline Categories category="timeline-stories" Dynamic Categories List Create Category Specific Timeline (By Default – All Categories)
Timeline Layouts layout="default" Select your Vertical Timeline Layout from a dropdown.
Timeline Designs designs="default" View Demos and Choose your timeline layout design from these design.
Timeline skins skin="default" Create Light, Dark or Colorful Timeline
Date Formats date-format="default"
  • F j January 1 (F j)
  • F j Y January 1 2019 (F j Y)
  • Y-m-d 2019-01-01 (Y-m-d)
  • m/d/Y 01/01/2019 (m/d/Y)
  • d/m/Y 01/01/2019 (d/m/Y)
  • F j Y g:i A January 1 2019 11:10 AM (F j Y g:i A)
  • Y 2019(Y)
  • custom Custom
Select Timeline Stories dates custom formats.
Timeline Based On based="default"
  • default For Date Based Timeline
  • custom For Custom Order based Timeline
Show either Story Dates or custom label/text along with timeline stories.
Stories Per Page show-posts="10" 10 You Can Show Pagination After These Posts In Vertical Timeline.
Pagination Settings pagination="default"
  • default Default Numbered
  • ajax-load-more Ajax Load More
Choose your Vertical Timeline Layout Pagination Type.
Icons icons="NO"
  • no
  • Yes
Display Icons In Timeline Stories. By default Is Dot.
Stories Description story-content="short"
  • short: Display small description of timeline Stories
  • full:- Display Full Description with HTML of timeline Stories.
Timeline Stories content settings.If you would like to show HTML and All content on timeline.
Then just select a full option of content settings.
Stories Order order="DESC"
  • DESC: DESC(2017-1900)
  • ASC:- ASC(1900-2017)
Timeline Stories order like:- DESC(2017-1900) , ASC(1900-2017)
Category Filters Settings filters="no"
  • no
  • Yes
Compact Layout Date&Title position compact-ele-pos="main-date"
  • main-date On top date/label below title
  • main-title On top title below date/label
This settings only work with Compact layout
Use these settings to change compact timeline layout date and title elements position
Animation animation="none"
  • bounceInUp
  • bounceInDown
  • bounceInLeft
  • bounceInRight
  • slideInDown
  • slideInUp
  • bounceIn
  • slideInLeft
  • slideInRight
  • shake
  • wobble
  • swing
  • jello
  • flip
  • fadein
  • rotatein
  • zoomIn
Add Animations Effect Inside Timeline. You Can Check Effects Demo From Animate.css.