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Jul 1994Amazon History
Amazon Founded
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Oct 2003Amazon History
A9.Com By Amazon
amazon a9 history
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Feb 2005Amazon History
Amazon Prime Services
amazon prime history
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Aug 2007Amazon History
Amazon Announced Amazon Fresh Pickup
amazon fresh history
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Web Development Process

Step 1
StrategyInitial Talks & Research
Initial Talks And Market Research
  • Initial Talks: From the starting in our work process, we gather the requirements and talk to the clients to know that what their goals are.
  • Market Research: after predefined goals, we explore the market for the particular project that how we can compete in the market and what is the market for that product.
  • Design Brief: We design first wire-frame and discuss with the client for design and layout improvements.
  • Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research: This is the phase where our SEO services will start. We analyze competitor websites; what is good or bad about them.
Step 2
PlanningDesign & Content
Design Review & Content Writing
  • Design: In this phase, our designers create PSD layouts of web pages.
  • Content Writing: We create original and good quality content that will help website to let attract and engage customers regularly.
  • Design Review: After UI and Layout design, we review it with clients and finally give it to the developers for development.
Step 3
BuildDevelopment & Setup
Web Development & Quality Assurance
  • Web Development: Now, it’s time for front end development to start and produce template for all the web pages.
  • CMS Setup: We let set up content management system with that you can use to manage your website or blog from an online interface.
  • Web Hosting: We also provide website hosting with user defined hosting space, bandwidth & email accounts.
  • Quality Assurance: We have the tools, team and test accelerators to overcome all testing challenges faced during a website’s development.
Step 4
PromoteMarketing & Maintenance
Website Optimization & Maintenance
  • Website Optimization: We optimize website to improves ranking, page speed and ROI.
  • Launch: Finally after all the phases, we launch website with securable atmosphere.
  • Social Media Marketing: We setup social media to be presence every platform and market to get max attention towards website.
  • Maintenance: It needs to maintain the website with updated technologies, we provides ongoing and reliable maintenance services.
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Jul 1994Amazon History
Feb 2005Amazon History
Aug 2007Amazon History