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Update from Free to Pro version

How to upgrade from Timeline Widget Addon For Elementor free version to Timeline Widget Addon For Elementor Pro?

If you are already using the free version, and want to switch to our Pro version.

  1. Deactivating the free version:- First, you need to Deactivate or uninstall the free version of Timeline Widget Addon For Elementor from the list of your installed plugins inside the WP dashboard.
  2. To uninstall the plugins, go to Dashboard from the left menu choose Plugins >>Installed plugins, now choose to deactivate below the plugin name to uninstall the plugin.
Update free to pro

 Installing and activating the pro version:- After successful uninstallation, now you can install and use Timeline Widget Addon For Elementor Pro

Important points!

  1. Deactivating/deleting the plugin won’t remove your plugin’s related data and/or settings.
  2. It is important to deactivate the free version before activating the pro version as both plugins can not be used simultaneously.